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Dr. Deborah Goldsmith

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have back pain due to bad disks. I have been suffering from this condition for a long time and if I’m not careful it stops me in my tracks. Dr. Goldsmith gets me well very quickly with acupuncture. Dr. Goldsmith’s chiropractic and acupuncture care really help me, and I can keep on living pain-free."
    L. Murrray
  • "I had a lot of lingering problems stemming from an old groin pull. For the last two years, I was awakened at night with knee pain and limited in my activities due to a limp. Dr. Goldsmith has used both chiropractic and acupuncture to treat me. It’s been nearly two months now, and the results have been miraculous a huge improvement."
    C. Arscott
  • "I’ve been suffering, for less than a week, from terrible pain in my shoulder and radiating down my right arm. I could not move while sleeping. I could not use my right arm in normal daily activities. A friend and co-worker referred me to Dr. Goldsmith. Her chiropractic and acupuncture treatments have helped greatly, and the pain is totally gone. I am now able to sleep comfortably and move about in my daily activities."
    T. Hunter
  • "I suffered a broken right ankle, crushed in a motorcycle accident. Prior to seeing Dr. Goldsmith, I’ve had surgery, physical therapy, and have required painkillers. For two years I’ve had a tremendous slowdown of physical activities. Dr. Goldsmith’s chiropractic and acupuncture treatments have given me more physical strength, the range of motion, and most of all, endurance, stamina, and less pain for longer amounts of time."
    L. Pepper
  • "I’ve had depression, anxiety, and overall low mood. I’ve been feeling down, with no motivation. I’ve been suffering from this condition most of my life (approximately 30 years). It stopped me from feeling “good” and living life to the fullest. Dr. Goldsmith’s acupuncture and Chinese medicine have changed my moods. I feel more positive, no more depression, relaxed, and have an overall better feeling in my moods. I don’t have the old feelings of doom and gloom. Dr. Deb has changed my life!"
    J. Ackerman
  • "Due to the intense pain in my neck, I was unable to turn my neck to the right. Prior to Dr. Goldsmith, I did visit an acupuncturist. However, after three visits, I canceled. I wasn’t aware that I really had a problem until I realized that I wasn’t in control of my neck. Given to commitments and obligations I somewhat adjusted to the pain, while looking forward to each day, to my visit with Dr. Goldsmith. When searching for a doctor, I went to the Herald Tribune’s Physician Guide. I found Dr. Goldsmith. She has given me a new faith, a new encouragement and a new belief in the medicine world: chiropractic and acupuncture. Dr. Goldsmith is a God-send. I can again turn my neck (smile). Thank you! Dr. Goldsmith is an exceptional and gracious lady."
    G.G. Daniels
  • "I’ve had severe elbow and shoulder pain for 15 months. I’ve had a lot of pain and limitations. Dr. Goldsmith’s acupuncture, electric stimulation, and heat treatments have helped me to stay basically pain-free, and not having to take pain medication. I now take only one pain med at night. I will refer others to her."
    C. Repass
  • "I had severe muscle spasms in my lower back and I had been to a chiropractor and it helped but not enough to clear it up. I came to Dr. Goldsmith for acupuncture and it has really helped me. My back feels normal now and I have no pain. I am getting stronger with therapy now, and I can walk better now."
    R. Binns
  • "In January of 2006, I was rear-ended. I suffered from pain in my neck and back. I found it difficult and tiring to hold my head up. Dr. Goldsmith adjusted me and set me up with therapy. I noticed the pain levels dropping in my neck. Then she talked me into acupuncture. Even though I was afraid of needles I tried it. I felt a significant difference in my back after the first session with acupuncture, and now my pain is nearly gone! Thank you!"
    A. B.
  • "I have had severe neck pain from a pinched nerve for at least two weeks and lesser pain for up to three months prior to that. I have tried capsaicin and over the counter creams with very little success and ice on the area consistently. Dr. Goldsmith has astounded me with her concern for my situation and her call after my initial visit surprised me very pleasantly. I am a big believer in people’s passion for their work and she certainly has a very impressive way of showing us she cares. I feel a lot better now thanks to her."
  • "I had medication but nothing helps me like Dr. Goldsmith. I tried other treatments but nothing works. I think that what Dr. Goldsmith did for me was the best thing I ever did. She is very good and I thank her for what she did for me."
    J. McGee
  • "I suffer from long-term chronic back injury (over 15 years). I saw an advertisement in the newspaper and began treatment with Dr. Goldsmith approximately three years ago. With regular treatment — acupuncture and adjustments — my pain level were greatly reduced. The treatment provided has always been professional, caring and always helpful to me."
    D. Giles
  • "I had a car accident on 12/30/2004 and up until treatments here, I had constant pain, and the quality of my life was terrible. I am now able to experience some pain-free time, and while the quality of my life is not what it was before my accident, it is definitely livable. I have hope once again. Dr. Goldsmith and her staff are not only excellent at what they do, but they also have a true appreciation for the physical and mental anguish that an accident like this causes… They are precious healthcare providers."
    D. Stefan
  • "I had a car accident which resulted in neck and back pain. My orthopedic and other MD doctors I saw basically said it was all in my head. They prescribed medicines (pain pills and muscle relaxers) and sent me on my way. Dr. Goldsmith located the problem with MRIs and has been treating me with acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage, and I have been prescription drug-free. I only occasionally take over-the-counter medicines. And, I work in child-care where I do lots of lifting and bending. I highly recommend Dr. Goldsmith and her quality care!"
    J. Perez
  • "Ms. Perez adds, regarding Dr. Goldsmith’s Foot Leveler’s custom orthotics:

    I have been in two car accidents, which resulted in several herniated discs. One of the methods of treatment has been in-sole orthotics.

    Orthotics have changed my life. My back is less achy; my legs are less achy; my feet are less achy. If I am standing, I want my shoes with my orthotics. Even a few hours of standing without them will be more painful; my lower back will ache, my legs will ache and my feet will throb. It is a “bad day for me, any day that I don’t wear my orthotics. My pain level will increase 2 points on the 1-10 scale. They also help me maintain better posture and have helped increase the time between adjustments."
    J. Perez


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